Colorado Get Smart about Antibiotics

  Get Smart Colorado (fondly referred to as GSC!) is a coalition of community, professional and government partners promoting the careful use of antibiotics.


Our VISION: Every person in Colorado will be aware and understand the impact of the global problem of antibiotic resistance and the consequences of inappropriate antibiotic use. Each person will participate in judicious antibiotic use.

Our MISSION: To minimize the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Colorado by providing education about and support for the appropriate use of antibiotics through collaborative efforts of professional, academic, community, government, and labor and industry partners.


Promoting the Careful Use of Antibiotics in our Communities

Because we all play a role in minimizing the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Get Smart Colorado works with health care providers (like physicians, nurses and physician assistants), patients and the general public to promote the careful use of antibiotics in Colorado.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Reduce inappropriate prescriptions of antibiotics to treat viral illnesses.
  2. Increase public awareness and knowledge about the wise use of antibiotics.
  3. Promote patient and provider communication about antibiotic prescribing.
  4. Establish partnerships in the community to continue education efforts after the research study ends.


2004-2005 Campaign Activities


  • Provided free office education materials to clinicians across Colorado.

  • Exhibited and displayed office materials at professional conferences.

  • Prepared and distributed newsletter articles to public health, health insurance companies and provider organizations, as requested.



  • Released December 14 announcement about the Get Smart Colorado Coalition. Click here to see the press release.

  • Worked with Safeway and King Soopers and City Markets, Inc to display countertop stands in their pharmacies.

  • Distributed brochures to Walgreen Pharmacies in Colorado.

  • Participated in 9Health Fairs statewide.

  • Developed and distributed tool kit for school nurses and childcare providers.

  • Supported the release of the CDC public service announcement to radio and television stations across Colorado.

  • Enhanced Get Smart Colorado website with additional tools and information to assist providers and educators in discussing antibiotic resistance with patients and students.



The Get Smart About Antibiotics campaign began as part of a 4-year research study called the MARC (Minimizing Antibiotic Resistance in Colorado) Project.

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